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As an English major and a journalist and a busy mom and grandmother, I find I am quite picky about what I give my reading time to and, especially, about the novels I spend time reading. I just finished reading this book for the second time and enjoyed it even more than I did the first time around! As the author does in all her books I've read, she has managed to create characters that are real and extremely likable. She has a unique ability to describe action and to paint the scene so you feel as if you’re really there. It’s a book that leaves you feeling like you know the characters and have shared a slice of their lives. Yes, this is not a highly literary work, but one that captures your interest, keeps you guessing, and, even when you think you’ve figured out the mystery, gives you a pleasant read in seeing how the solution unwinds. Bravo! I may just have to read this one yet again!

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Perhaps surprising from a beginning writer, Heather Madder has produced a beautifully written and powerfully orchestrated guidebook in Walking on the Ceiling. In a warm-honey style, she gently helps readers take off their own blinders, release shackles and break through barriers. She opens vistas of possibilities and points out a simple process for focusing on things that matter most and for rising above our own "ceilings." Thank you, Heather, your work has lifted me! To learn more about Heather, or to purchase Walking on the Ceiling, go to


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I'm typically the type that likes to read books that I can sink my teeth into and spend several hours fully immersed in the writing. This mini-book is a fabulous exception, with plenty to consider and absorb in a very short read. In fact, Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman by Emily Watts is probably even BETTER when it seems every ounce of your time and energy is already spoken for. For me, her mini-sermon was like a visit with a friend, giving me pause for some needed evaluation, but leaving me enlightened, refreshed and with renewed perspective. It offers a wonderful pick-me-up for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Available in LDS bookstores or at:




Dr. Stephen R. Covey says Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World by Brent and Phelecia Hatch is "a timely, practical and positive book! This great book teaches you how to take control of the influences around you and, most importantly, how to teach your children to independently make right choices."

The authors, who are parents of seven, share countless examples from their own lives and from the experiences of others. With easy-to-implement ideas and tools included, their book can make an immediate difference in helping to foster communication, instil values, discipline with love and create a "kid-safe" media zone in your home. In a world that is becoming more and more saturated with immorality and evil, I found the Hatches book to be a welcome reminder and a beacon of hope and help for anyone who is trying to maintain a solid foundation for their family.

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